LED Video Walls

ROE Visual LED Video Walls

LED video walls have long replaced video projection systems as the go-to solution for displaying video content at special events, and are beginning to see increased use as the dominant tool used by VFX teams creating backgrounds for the film and television industries.

Showmax Events is the market leader in LED Wall technology, and we have the capacity to build virtually any sized screen for any sized venue, indoor or outdoor. Our LED wall options are manufactured by ROE VISUAL, who are the hands-down global industry leader in LED Wall production quality.

No other event production or Audio-Visual services company is able to match the size, resolution, brightness, or brilliance of our LED Wall options.

ROE Visual Black Pearl 2

“North America’s Premium 2.8mm Indoor LED Wall”

Our ROE Visual BP2.8mm wall is the best and only product capable of providing a next generation, cost-effective substitute for green screen technology and on-location shooting. Showmax is partnered with industry-leading VFX teams to provide scalable LED Wall solutions for film and television. As used in the recent production of Disney’s Star Wars spinoff ‘The Mandalorian’, the BP2.8mm screen is used with the Unreal engine to create fully immersive film environments inside the studio.

And Showmax is still the industry leader for all of your special events-based LED Wall needs. Our ROE Visual BP2.8mm panels combine with Brompton processing to produce the closest colour matching available in the market, so your company’s and sponsors’ logos come through with absolute clarity. The resolution on this screen is clear and un-pixelated at distances up to 2 meters, making it perfect for corporate conferences, gala events, and trade shows where the viewer will be interacting closely with the display.

ROE Visual BP 2.8mm
ROE Visual BP 2.8mm

ROE Visual Magic Cube 5

5.7mm Indoor/Outdoor LED Wall

This Indoor/Outdoor LED Wall is weather rated for sunshine, rain, and all of the other types of weather we see here on the West Coast. Perfect for outdoor marketing activations, single and multi-day festival stages, and Sports Entertainment events such as equestrian shows, auto-racing, and tennis.
The ROE MC5 LED Wall is suitable for a wide range of indoor corporate and entertainment applications, and totally outperforms its price in the mid-tier of the LED Wall market. This wall is crisp and unpixellated at about 5 metres, but looks great at any range. As bright as you could want, the 5.7mm LED Wall is a perfect solution for displaying video content in rooms with high ambient lighting, or as a backdrop for concerts, festivals, outdoor movie nights, and weddings.

ROE Visual MC 5.7mm
ROE Visual MC 5.7mm