The Showmax Private Event

Are you looking to add an industry-level sound or video package to your wedding?
Do you have grand plans for your next milestone birthday? Or perhaps you want nothing but the best in AV equipment for a private gala party you’re planning?

Here at Showmax, we can help you realize that vision to give your personal event a masterful finish. We also understand that if you’re planning a private event independently, you may need some guidance through the maze of technical specifications, options and setups that we can provide. We’re here to help. Due to the size of our operation, we do act on minimum order parameters, and we supply mandatory crew and labor costs on all quotes.
Thanks again for looking after our New Year’s Eve Member’s Event. The room looked great! You’ll need to keep coming up with new ideas so we keep impressing guests. The bar has been set!
Kathryn H.
Hollyburn Country Club